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About Collin (me)

Creating data-driven optimization-centric digital touch points to leverage KPIs and maximize brand lift while supercharging your position as a Thought Leader in the influencer space.

You're right: that doesn't make any damn sense.

I'm Collin Gately, a digital strategist (but also a person.)

I'm here to help you solve problems and accomplish your organization's goals by using the internet. That's pretty much it.

No jargon. No buzz words. No bullshit. 
Do you need to grow your online audience? Not sure if you need a Facebook page AND an Instagram account?  Should you use Snapchat? Are the emails you're sending working? How about mobile what's up with mobile I've read about mobile? When do we post on Twitter and who is seeing our content? It's my job to answer those questions and a lot more like them.

I plan digital strategy, I train teams on how to use the internet to achieve their goals, I run ad campaigns, I manage social media accounts, I shoot photos, edit video, and do some graphic design, and can help make your website better.

If any of this sounds like something you're looking for, let me know! You can shoot me an email here.
You can find me on Twitter at @collingately.
Find my resume here