Connie Britton Instagram Takeover
To increase engagement, raise awareness of GOTV efforts, and amplify to impact of a celebrity surrogate trip, we worked with Connie Britton to take over the campaign's Instagram handle for the day.

Sam Waterston Facebook Live
Another example of leveraging celebrity resources to drive campaign priorities. Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" segment, we asked Sam Waterston to go live on the Hillary for NH Facebook page and read actual mean tweets and offensive remarks Donald Trump had made. The kicker was: he would not stop reading until three people clicked the link in the Facebook post to volunteer. This post was our most viewed Facebook Love broadcast of the campaign.

Babies for Hillary Facebook Album
When Donald Trump said that a baby should be kicked out of his rally for crying, we took this opportunity to create a quick piece of shareable rapid response content that clearly demonstrated the difference between our campaigns and rallied our supporters around a key moment.